Sunday, March 29, 2009

kamen rider

kamen rider stronger

kamen rider amazon

kamen rider x

kamen rider v3

kamen rider (early kamen raider)

here i share with all about kamen rider.well,kamen rider are the hero who create by Japan. they are in tokusatsu group and i think about same time tag with super sentai. so, i give 5 frist stratting from.......below to above.....let's check out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

my collections

god bless our king!

prince of tennis


my collections,just half!i still have more!

my dvds,anime n super sentai n kamen rider

lets share the collections.
what yours?

Monday, March 2, 2009

kamen rider kabuto

kamen rider kabuto
(pahlawan bertopeng kumbang tanduk)

member of kamen rider kabuto

scorpion, dragonfly, bettle one horn (kabuto), bee and beetle two horns

i have buy DVD KAMEN RIDER KABUTO TV SERIES in box sets.
i really like the series.
actually,i like TENDOU acting. cool and smart also handsome and cute too!
so,that why not looks too strange if he be the frist hero!
and i have more original dvd collections!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

black baokanger jacket

red boukanger jacket

red hurricanger jacket

what i adorable most is red hurricanger jacket!
pretty jacket right?
so,is there have any one can give me any opinion how to buy this jacket?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My collections III

hello all folks!
here i want to share my collections III
i very excited watch SUPER SENTAI series.

i have start like SUPER SENTAI since i child about 5 years old.
the first SUPER SENTAI series i watch is FLASH MAN and MASK MAN.
i like watch SUPER SENTAI series because for me they look cool.
beside they cute and kawaeii!!!! :)
now i grow up.
after i graduate my first degree,i have work as data entry (before i work in government field).
every night at mt office,i always watch SUPER SENTAI series through Internet. i have watch DEKARANGER,ABA RANGER,GAO RANGER,GEKIRANGER,HURRICANGER,TURBO RANGER,FIVE MAN,GO GOV,GO RANGER,
BATTLE FEVER,DAIRANGER,KAKURANGER,JET MAN and so on.and also i watch again my first sentais FLASH MAN and MASK MAN.they still cool. and today i have watch ENGINE SENTAI GOONGER a.k.a GOONJA (released at year 2008).in year 2009,they have new SUPER SENTAI group.think based from samurai. and the fact is,Japan is the country who begin the SUPER SENTAIS fever until whole of world like to watch it.that's crazy right?.and until now,there is 32 SUPER SENTAI group have released at TV make by Japan.and GOONGER is the 32 SUPER SENTAI.well,if i have wrong in my fact about SUPER SENTAI,please help me to correct it!TQ

here i want to share my collections of SUPER SENTAI SERIES..

2 group sentai in one movie!cool!

same as above but there is very special things can find out if you watch it!

same as above

my first DVD super sentai TV series complete box set

my second DVD super sentai TV series complete box set

because of this,i admire Japan so much. and because of this i start like anime and all super sentai and also kamen rider by japan. and because of this too,i admire ebisawa kenji (goon black in engine sentai goonger,he so cute and adorable...kawaeiii).i hope i can share with everyone.well,i will show my ENGINE SENTAI GOONGER collections next time.....adios....

doki doki yokai!

i have so more problems in financial.
i'm not like shooping and so on.
but how i can manage good in financial.
last day my mom and dad ask me to buy a car.
i not ready yet.
i think i want to find an part-time job.
but just from house.
i mean maybe jusy be a part time data entry or
can some one help me?